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Welcome to project Wosi

Welcome to the wiki of WOSI!

WOSI is the software lab of the HBO-ICT education of the HvA (part of FDMCI). What makes our projects so special? You get the chance to work --under professional supervision-- at big projects which includes loads of technology. Apps that exchange information with the backend, multiple databases in 1 application, frontend javascript frameworks (React), message boxes, REST api’s, and so forth. Most of the time we combine these technologies with Spring as backend. If you have the ambition to become a professional Software Engineer, please take a visit at room 06A36, Theo Thijssenhuis, Wibautstraat 2-4. This wiki page only and all of our projects are in English.

Examples of our projects:

  • BIMkeeper , an advanced retail management system with a state of the art WebGL 3D viewer for buildings.
  • Event-module, with an app that scans qrcodes and ensures complete processing
  • SCAGO: Registration system for exchange students.
  • Data visualizations. We use the 3D viewer to show "live" information about buildings (temperature in rooms, movement, humidity, CO2, etc). And, for example, to show which * rooms have been rented out, which are not and which will soon be available.
  • Virtual Reality: together with several developers of building projects, we are looking at the possibilities of displaying houses that only exist on the drawing board so realistically that potential buyers can get stuck in their future house. Everything is web-based, of course.
  • Take a look at the is model. By using chrome you can translate the site to your language of preference.

Students can participate in the framework of project points, company internship or graduation internship. By working for us you will learn how to develop professional applications. Keywords: Phabricator, Git, React (Javascript), REST, JSON, Three.js, WebGL, JQuery, JSP, Android, Maven, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Scrum and Spring that we use as backend (web services). And of course we work with open tools as much as possible, so that we can check and explain everything.

If you experience any problems using this Wiki, or any of the other Wosi systems, please contact us by sending an e-mail to ''.

Do you want to know more about Wosi? Come and visit us, we'd love to catch up with you. We are there almost every day from 9:30-18:00. HvA, Theo Thijssenhuis room 06A36.


Theo Thijssenhuis, Wibautstraat 2-4, room 06A36.


Jo Lahaye ( ; 06-53292887) General e-mailadres:

Technical assistance

Jasper Krijgsman (; 06-48676605

Phone: Hilversum, IRP, +31 356838770